Exploring a personal unknown: RSS

rss_feed_icon_high_resUp until now I have been familiar with all of my lesson posts; Flickr, YouTube, Podcasts, even working on WordPress. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has me confused. There are many different ways of learning about RSS and it wasn’t until I watched the movie clip on Common Craft that it began to make sense to me. Here is the url to the movie clip I am referring too. http://www.commoncraft.com/video/rss

As most people I am rarely found not to have my phone with me. It made the most sense for me, personally, to find an app for my phone to create a RSS feed for personal use.The app I chose to go with was Flipboard, its a free app with a magazine style format. One aspect of this app I like is, I am able to link my Facebook and Instagram accounts. It is a one stop app for a quick update on what is going on. I love the blog The Refashionista, by adding it to my feed, every time the blog is updated I will be alerted.

It is very possible Flipboard will become the new app I turn to during moments of boredom or while waiting for friends. It is easy to add new subscriptions and to create new magazine boards. I no longer feel as if I am in the dark about RSS and I can see how in my personal life it can be very useful. I have yet to figure out how it can be applied to be used in a library. Once I am able to figure this out, I will share with others. Flipboard_Logotype_Square_flat_300dpiLesson #5


Exploring Flickr part 1

FFXPluginIcon-300x300So many people today have digital cameras, smart phones, or tablets that enable sharing photos with friends and family as simple as 1, 2, 3. It creates a bridge to welcome others into your lives to share in big life events or a beautiful sunset. As a librarian it becomes a way to share pictures from library events or a well done book display to share your idea with others. Flickr is a photo sharing program through yahoo which allows you to share the moments you capture with friends, family, and colleagues. In looking at the popular tags at the moment it strikes me that come this summer it is very possible in my personal and professional  life, I will be using a lot of these words. Join me in this two part post as I explore flickr and share photos from the library where I share in the adventure of connecting with an amazing community.

Lesson: 2 part 1