Returning to the blog


So it’s been over a year since I have written a blog post. I recently started to miss this blog. A lot has changed in the time since today’s post and my last one. My son is now almost two and I am currently planning not one but two weddings. My handsome boyfriend proposed to me and we have taken the last year and a half to plan our wedding which will be in July of 2017. The second wedding is that for one of my best friends, she & her honey are planning a 2017 wedding too. It’s a new exciting challenge for us to plan our own individual weddings, while also trying to be there and supportive of each other.

In my role as a librarian, in the last couple of months I have taken over one of our book groups. I now host a non-fiction book group that meets once a month. In our last meeting we read the book the Dewey by Vicki Myron. It was in our discussion that one member’s comments struck me the most. They turned to me and said ” I have a newfound respect for librarians. Thank you for what you do.” It was that comment that struck me to renew writing this blog. A simple book written by a librarian has given a library patron newfound respect for my profession. A lot of my friends will tease me and say that I do nothing but read books all day, and there are days when I will wish that for an hour or two that is what I could do. Unfortunately this is not true. I spend a lot of my day cataloging new library materials and working on slowly cleaning up the catalogue. I joke in five years we will have the cleanest library catalogue ever.

So let’s hope it doesn’t take me over another year to write a blog post. I will do my best to keep up the blog with my adventures of juggling work, motherhood, and wedding planning.