What is the right cloud for you?

indexAs you may have noticed I am all about staying organized in my busy crazy life. I will even admit I am lost without my phone some days. The simple reason behind that is my phone is a miniature version of my laptop or work computer. So this leads me to the question of how many apps do I need to store documents and photos to save memory space on my phone and computer. There are lots of “cloud” storage programs out there, its simply a matter of finding the one that works for you and you individual needs. In this lesson I am going to explore Dropbox. It is an online “cloud” storage program you can install onto your computer and smartphone using an app. You can get the basic package for free or you can pay a monthly fee if you are using it for a business or organization. I find it is a simple program to use and transfer files into to be saved as a backup.

The next question to come to mind is how can this help me in my personal or professional work life. It would be interesting to use Dropbox in a professional capacity simply for the reason of being able to edit certain documents while out of the office and share them with the rest of the staff. It raises the question, if this would be a useful function if a staff member is away at a conference and would like to share notes right away with the rest of the staff. It is certainly something that will need to be explored in further detail with my co-workers.

In my personal life I am beginning to wonder if it would be useful in the planning process of my sister’s upcoming wedding. It would allow members of the bridal party to share and edit guests lists for the various functions we have planned. It could also help to keep everyone up-to-date on everything that is going on and where we need to concentrate. It will be interesting to bring this up with both my mom and my sister. It is possible that it would be more convenient than e-mail.

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Lesson #11


Exploring a personal unknown: RSS

rss_feed_icon_high_resUp until now I have been familiar with all of my lesson posts; Flickr, YouTube, Podcasts, even working on WordPress. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has me confused. There are many different ways of learning about RSS and it wasn’t until I watched the movie clip on Common Craft that it began to make sense to me. Here is the url to the movie clip I am referring too. http://www.commoncraft.com/video/rss

As most people I am rarely found not to have my phone with me. It made the most sense for me, personally, to find an app for my phone to create a RSS feed for personal use.The app I chose to go with was Flipboard, its a free app with a magazine style format. One aspect of this app I like is, I am able to link my Facebook and Instagram accounts. It is a one stop app for a quick update on what is going on. I love the blog The Refashionista, by adding it to my feed, every time the blog is updated I will be alerted.

It is very possible Flipboard will become the new app I turn to during moments of boredom or while waiting for friends. It is easy to add new subscriptions and to create new magazine boards. I no longer feel as if I am in the dark about RSS and I can see how in my personal life it can be very useful. I have yet to figure out how it can be applied to be used in a library. Once I am able to figure this out, I will share with others. Flipboard_Logotype_Square_flat_300dpiLesson #5