Libraries in the digital age

LIBRARIES_EBOOKS-268x300So there are a lot of exciting things happening right now in my life and yet at the same time I feel as if my thoughts are scattered in every direction. One of the new big things in my life is that come the end of January / beginning of February I will be starting a new adventure as a first time mommy. Big right?! Well before I go into full time mommy/librarian mode, I really want to finish up my certification. Luckily I will be able to do this in September when I am taking a class all about technology and libraries in the digital age.

This is something big to look at because the role of libraries and librarians is forever evolving in the digital age. What was important when I was a kid may not be as important today or in five years. These are all things we have to think about in the evolving role of librarians and libraries. It is very easy to argue the need for more space and more computers within the library to accommodate the growing population needs, but you also have to think about what questions may arise with the increasing number of technology advancements being made every day.

Change is never easy and it doesn’t happen over night. Yes there are a few things you can begin to incorporate within your library without breaking the bank. You can advertise to the public of the availability of one-on-one appointments where a staff member works with them individually on questions they have. This is a great way to connect with community members who may be unsure of how to use e-mail, load e-books to their e-reader, learning Facebook to stay in contact with friends and family all over the world, etc. It is possible by starting small it will increase the awareness of what the library has to offer and what it can offer in the future with more funding, increased number of devices available for public use, and encouraging the continuing education of staff members.

Some people think because I am young, that technology comes easily to me. This is not always the case. There have been plenty of times I have sat there and glared at something because I was frustrated and couldn’t easily figure out the solution to my problem. It is only because I play around until I figure out the problem, consult the user manual, and help page on the given items website that I am able to solve the problem in front of me.

As I said my thoughts right now are very scattered and hopefully with the help of making a lot of lists and putting pen to paper theoretically, I can begin to feel organized again.

What are your thoughts of libraries role in the digital era?



Sorry for my very long absence

838a9ca3054f61e63de9b59e84d6fc84Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being gone for so long. It has been an extremely busy summer. My sister and I both celebrated our birthdays in June, within four days of each other, and a few short weeks later she married one of her best friends. I was lucky to be her maid of honor on that very special day. I was able to go the entire day without wearing the walking boot, which was a plus for me. Walking up and down the hill and lawn at my moms was a challenge enough with my long dress. Unfortunately I had to go back to work and the real world. So what has been happening in my world? Lots we are about 3/4 of the way through our summer reading program with lots of programs going on throughout the week. I am also working on replacing books we lost when Mother Nature decided to weed our collection for us. (Look at previous posts about this.) I am also writing up pretty much a manual of procedures for my position to give other co-workers a understand what I do and  how to do what is now second nature to me. This is a real challenge to me because I have to have someone else sit with me and ask why I didn’t write down a step because I honestly didn’t think of it. It also makes me feel like it takes me three times as long to do something that normally takes no time at all. They say patience is a virtue right? I suppose I should work on that. There are lots of other changes that are coming up in the horizon but I will tackle them as they get closer.

Until next time. Wish me patience!