Checking out YouTube

iTunesArtwork@2xThis week I am exploring YouTube. It is a site where you can upload your own videos on any topic imaginable. I think YouTube is an important resource tool for librarians to recommend to patrons for the simple reason is that it opens up a new world to people. It is more than music videos. For example if a patron comes into the library and says they would like to learn to crochet and you do not have any how to basic crochet books in your collection. I would recommend they check out YouTube and type in the search box “how to crochet.” As a result you will find a wide variety of movie clips of varying time lengths with step by step instructions. YouTube can also be used to promote a certain program or event happening at your library. Are you hosting a movie vs. book discussion and would like to tempt patrons with the movie trailer to bring them to the discussion? You can find those there too. It can open a world of possibilities in marketing tricks to promote your library events or to learn a new skill. The app for smartphones is also very user friendly, though there are some music videos that may not be set up to be played on a mobile device which may lead to some frustration.

Here is an example of a parody of Lord of the Rings starring Cookie Monster

Lesson #3


Exploring Flickr Part 2

FFXPluginIcon-300x300¬†There are many photo editing/sharing programs available today for your PC/Mac/Smartphone/tablet, etc. In the past two posts I have been exploring flickr. It came before Instagram and is a product of yahoo. In exploring it, I have found personally that I prefer to use Instagram. The reasons for this is because like many people I have my personal e-mail address and my work e-mail address. To use flickr, you have to create a yahoo e-mail address. The use of “hashtags” are present in both programs. Both programs have a similar concept in how the the program is designed and how to use the app on your smartphone/tablet. Here is a link to my flickr account with two old pictures. I used the hashtags #family #sledding #winter. Both pictures were taken by two different family members, using a smartphone and a digital camera. Can you tell which is which? Until next time!

Flcikr: Lesson 2 Part 2

Exploring Flickr part 1

FFXPluginIcon-300x300So many people today have digital cameras, smart phones, or tablets that enable sharing photos with friends and family as simple as 1, 2, 3. It creates a bridge to welcome others into your lives to share in big life events or a beautiful sunset. As a librarian it becomes a way to share pictures from library events or a well done book display to share your idea with others. Flickr is a photo sharing program through yahoo which allows you to share the moments you capture with friends, family, and colleagues. In looking at the popular tags at the moment it strikes me that come this summer it is very possible in my personal and professional  life, I will be using a lot of these words. Join me in this two part post as I explore flickr and share photos from the library where I share in the adventure of connecting with an amazing community.

Lesson: 2 part 1

One way NOT to weed your collection

Ideally every librarian dreams of having endless amount of space for all of the books in your collection to stay, not to mention lots of reading room, computers, CDs, DVDs, etc. Unfortunately this dream has not come to pass yet. Every so often its a good idea to weed your collection as some books may have been very well loved and are now falling apart or they do not appeal to the changing dynamics of your patrons. Creating reports and handling the books individually and talking to your team of staff is the ideal way to weed. Unfortunately sometimes Mother Nature tries to do your job for you… Frozen pipes that burst are anyone’s nightmare. To tackle this problem of figuring out what books in the collection were lost, patron accounts were created and then transferred into spread sheets so we can theoretically see what books were circulating and if they should be replaced or make room for new authors/titles. The physical repairs of the carpet and wall is an ongoing adventure.

Mother Nature please don’t weed the collection for us again!