Sorry for my very long absence

838a9ca3054f61e63de9b59e84d6fc84Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being gone for so long. It has been an extremely busy summer. My sister and I both celebrated our birthdays in June, within four days of each other, and a few short weeks later she married one of her best friends. I was lucky to be her maid of honor on that very special day. I was able to go the entire day without wearing the walking boot, which was a plus for me. Walking up and down the hill and lawn at my moms was a challenge enough with my long dress. Unfortunately I had to go back to work and the real world. So what has been happening in my world? Lots we are about 3/4 of the way through our summer reading program with lots of programs going on throughout the week. I am also working on replacing books we lost when Mother Nature decided to weed our collection for us. (Look at previous posts about this.) I am also writing up pretty much a manual of procedures for my position to give other co-workers a understand what I do and  how to do what is now second nature to me. This is a real challenge to me because I have to have someone else sit with me and ask why I didn’t write down a step because I honestly didn’t think of it. It also makes me feel like it takes me three times as long to do something that normally takes no time at all. They say patience is a virtue right? I suppose I should work on that. There are lots of other changes that are coming up in the horizon but I will tackle them as they get closer.

Until next time. Wish me patience!


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