Exploring Flickr Part 2

FFXPluginIcon-300x300┬áThere are many photo editing/sharing programs available today for your PC/Mac/Smartphone/tablet, etc. In the past two posts I have been exploring flickr. It came before Instagram and is a product of yahoo. In exploring it, I have found personally that I prefer to use Instagram. The reasons for this is because like many people I have my personal e-mail address and my work e-mail address. To use flickr, you have to create a yahoo e-mail address. The use of “hashtags” are present in both programs. Both programs have a similar concept in how the the program is designed and how to use the app on your smartphone/tablet. Here is a link to my flickr account with two old pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/114192509@N03/ I used the hashtags #family #sledding #winter. Both pictures were taken by two different family members, using a smartphone and a digital camera. Can you tell which is which? Until next time!

Flcikr: Lesson 2 Part 2