Facebook and Goodreads and Instagram oh my!

Facebook and Goodreads and Instagram oh my! Yes I know it’s technically “Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!” Random fact about myself, when I was five I did have a pair of dress up ruby red slippers which I adored. There are pictures of me playing dress up in my Bri’s hats and jewelery wearing them. Anyways back to the topic on hand.

fb_icon_325x325Social network site # 1 Facebook: Facebook has been around for ten years now. I originally joined when it was designed for college students to find out about parties and to connect with others away at different schools. Let’s fast forward to present day where Facebook has become so much more than finding out what parties are happening this weekend. I have used Facebook in my personal and professional life for a few years now. In my personal life its a way to stay connected with friends and family, who may live ten minutes away or three days drive away. In a professional capacity, I use Facebook to manage the library’s page. It is a great way to promote upcoming programs, library closings (we used Facebook to tell patrons about the library closing due to frozen pipes for example), share reading lists, pictures from programs at the library, etc. Every so often I like to post a message and a book related picture thanking all of our fans and let people know how many amazing fans we have. We are currently at 222. You can check out our page by looking up “Pierson Library”.

goodreadsSocial network #2 Goodreads: Now if you are like me it’s very possible you don’t remember every single book you have read without possibly looking at the book cover or reading a summary of the book. This is where Goodreads is a good idea. You can create a profile and select the genre(s) you read and they will list books which fall into said genre. After I created a profile, I was going through the books they gave me in different genres and most likely drove my best friend/roommate crazy talking to myself as I checked off books I’ve read and/or want to read when I have a minute. Thankfully she is also a reader and doesn’t complain that I have books all over the apartment. Another aspect I like about the Goodreads app is I am able to download eBooks directly to my phone and scan the ISBN of the books I am currently reading. As my guy friends know if they leave me alone in a bar I will pull out my phone and read whatever book is currently on it.  It is possible I will be able to theoretically keep track of everything I’m reading, have read, and want to read, while checking out what friends have read so I can pick their brains.

instagram-bigSocial network #3 Instagram: I have been using Instagram in my personal life for a while. It’s a great way to share photos with friends and family. You can use hash tags when posting pictures. It is possible to link your Instagram to your Facebook page to share the photos with friends who may or may not also have an Instagram account. It is very possible come this spring and summer I will be using my Instagram account a lot to post pictures of birthdays and my little sisters upcoming wedding.


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