How I loose my desk on a daily basis

deskAs many of my friends know from asking me about how my day at work is, I can forget they are not librarians and half the technical jargon I rattle off makes no sense to them. On the other hand when I’m at work it’s so easy to talk with my boss about the differences in MARC records compared to RDA records and electronic book vs. physical book records. Sometimes it can be hard to find a middle ground between two very big aspects of my life. One thing though that everyone in my work life and regular life can agree on is that I frequently loose my desk under stacks of books. I am often in the middle of either entering in new books or changing the sub-location of existing books in the collection in hopes of boosting circulation or to create a new genre section, i.e. graphic novels. Here is an example of how frequently loose my desk. Back to work on Monday to find my desk for five minutes as I move stacks of books from my desk to the work room to cover before going out to the public. New lesson post coming soon!


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